About Us

Our Story at Sea Moss Cy,

Founded by Nataly Buggins in collaboration with Sea Moss UK, is dedicated to providing the highest quality nutrients through natural produce.

Our inspiration stems from nature's abundance, and our motivation is fuelled by a commitment to conscious eating.

 We are inspired by nature and motivated by love!

Nataly Buggins, while continuously exploring vegan superfoods, discovered the globally recognised multi-beneficial sea moss at a pivotal moment in her life.

Embracing a journey of self-healing for both body and mind, she turned to the gifts that nature offers. Incorporating sea moss into her daily regimen, Nataly experienced transformative improvements in her physical well-being, including increased energy levels and a strengthened immune system.

This personal experience ignited Nataly's passion to share the remarkable benefits of sea moss with others. Her family and friends, upon integrating sea moss into their routines, similarly witnessed profound enhancements in their health.

In parallel with this endeavour, Nataly is pursuing a Higher Diploma in Naturopathic Medicine, a comprehensive three-year degree program. With this advanced knowledge, she aspires to further support and elevate people's health, emphasising the profound synergy between natural nutrition and holistic wellness.


Our Mission At Sea Moss Cy, 

Is to enhance people's health and promote the transformative power of natural eating. We are committed to educating and inspiring individuals to prioritise their well-being by embracing the holistic benefits that nature provides.


Partner with us! our Sea Moss products are available for retail and for professionals that share the same values and philosophy, get in touch!